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The communication between the customer and the bank in the omnichannel era

The efficient communication between the customer and the bank is the basis for all e-banking and mobile banking services. Customers want to be served in these channels as if they had met a consultant at a bank branch. Therefore, you have to make sure that each customer is delighted with the quality of service, regardless of which channel they contact your bank. What's more, clients want to experience the true omnichannel contact, and you are able to provide them with it. Thus, a customer contact started on the mobile can be continued by a desktop browser or even with the use of audio and video technology.

Omnichannel online and offline

It also happens that customers, when they start applying online for new banking products, prefer to finally come to the branch. For such customers, the communication with a bank employee in the branch will be facilitated by providing the customer with a screen view from the consultant's computer. The customer, seeing the application filled in by the bank's employee on his or her monitor, can respond more quickly to the advisor's questions, which in turn increases Customer Experience and speeds up the application process.


The communication center and its archive

In cooperation with Consdata, you will provide your clients with a tool which will aggregate all the information about the history of the client's contact with the bank in one place. All applications, handled issues and related history will be available to the Client within a few moments. Clients will appreciate the transparency of your communication with them. And your employees... will also be satisfied, because they will receive a tool for efficient handling of all customer issues without the need to click through many different communication systems.

Document exchange

For customers it is important not only to be able to contact the bank in the omnichannel era, but also the fact that the handling of this contact is as safe as possible. After all, customers often have to provide the bank with various documents containing sensitive information and personal data. Together with our company, you will meet these requirements by providing your customers with tools for 100% secure document exchange, integrated with the above-mentioned communication center.


Contact on demand

As a bank manager, you care not only about customer satisfaction, but also about selling your products - that's obvious. Sometimes it happens, however, that customers, when filling in an application for a new product, stops and do not know what to do and how to properly fill in the required fields. In such moments, an active form of "communication on demand" will be useful, which will allow the customer to connect via audio and video channels with a bank consultant directly from a web browser. In this form of communication, the possibility of sharing screens (client to consultant or vice versa) is very useful. As a result, the bank employee is able to quickly and easily explain to the customer how to proceed while filling in the application form. Everyone wins: the customer is satisfied and you increase conversion on your products. The situation is similar when it comes to the possibility of using online chat directly from the bank's website. Questions that arise in the customer's head often require a quick answer. In this case, using the chat feature will be an ideal idea to improve Customer Experience.

Proactive contact, i.e. increasing conversion from abandoned applications

It will happen, however, that some customers who stop at one of the fields when filling in the application will not ask for contact on request, but will close the application and abandon filling it in. We want the conversion from the completed applications to be as big as possible for you. Therefore, we have prepared a solution that, in accordance with the applicable laws on personal data processing, will be able to immediately inform your call center team about the abandonment of the application. Instant, proactive contact with a customer who has just abandoned an application can improve the increase in conversion from applications by as much as several percent!


Integration with existing technology

Efficient, omnichannel communication between the client and the bank should be a priority at the moment. It cannot be achieved without proper integration of the above mentioned technologies (e.g. screen-sharing, chat, audio and video web conferences) with the PBX systems operating in the bank. We provide support for trilateral integration: bank - PBX systems - communication systems from Consdata.

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