Budowa aplikacji biznesowej wspieraj膮cej pracownik贸w front-office i back-office banku Santander

W Eximee wychodzimy z za艂o偶enia, 偶e bank potrzebuje dobrego Employee Experience, aby zapewni膰 swoim klientom naprawd臋 sprawn膮 obs艂ug臋. Dlatego opracowali艣my framework do szybkiego tworzenia aplikacji potrzebnych pracownikom banku. czytaj wi臋cej

11-10-2023 | Zesp贸艂 Consdata

Dlaczego warto zacz膮膰 automatyzacj臋 proces贸w bankowych od ich cz臋艣ci wsp贸lnych?

Success Story projektu automatyzacji wysy艂ki dokument贸w w Multikana艂owym Centrum Komunikacji Santander czytaj wi臋cej

11-10-2023 | Zesp贸艂 Consdata

Serving existing customers in the times of closed branches

How can you react quickly to a lack of customer service in your branches? czytaj wi臋cej

03-04-2020 | Tomasz Ampu艂a

Cloud native or cloud na茂ve?

What exactly does "cloud native" mean? What are the different types of clouds? And why some people warn us against the "fake cloud"? czytaj wi臋cej

05-02-2020 | Tomasz Ampu艂a

Integration in a bank: how to avoid hard landings

Over the years we developed a bunch of different ways of integration with bank legacy systems. Let's take a look at a few of them. czytaj wi臋cej

13-01-2020 | Tomasz Ampu艂a

mBank supports the most incredible charity event in the world... using i.a. solutions from Consdata

Such a huge event could not have happened without the support of technology companies and banks. czytaj wi臋cej

10-01-2020 | Kacper Kwiatkowski

The Digital Banking Transformation Trends that you cannot ignore in 2020.

Will you disrupt the status-quo in your bank in 2020? If you do not ignore these trends, it is very possible that you will! czytaj wi臋cej

02-01-2020 | Kacper Kwiatkowski

e-government and e-banking. Will Poles be digitalizing Saudi Arabia?

The Polish example of cooperation between public administration and banking, as part of the development of a e-government, has a chance to be popularised in Saudi Arabia. czytaj wi臋cej

17-12-2019 | Kacper Kwiatkowski

Regulatory sandboxes is where we wish big kids would play

What would you think if you saw a bunch of scientists analyzing traffic in a retirement community? And... can you hit a man with banking? czytaj wi臋cej

12-11-2019 | Tomasz Ampu艂a

Challengers, Hyper-Personalization, Ecosystems and Fintechs: The Summary of EFMA Asian Retail Banking Summit 2019

How can you catch up with Challenger Banks? What can you do to become a disruptor? Is investing in technology the only effective solution? czytaj wi臋cej

12-11-2019 | Tomasz Ampu艂a

How far in digital banking transformation are you?

Only 17% of banks in the world are now able to boast that they have implemented a full scale digital transformation strategy. Where are you now? czytaj wi臋cej

04-11-2019 | Tomasz Ampu艂a

Bank customers buy experience, not products. A brief summary of the 47th EFMA Congress 2019

In terms of digital transformation, the best banks in the world are lagging far behind their competitors. The difference between best in class and industry average is huge. czytaj wi臋cej

25-10-2019 | Kacper Kwiatkowski

EFMA Innovation Summit 2019 鈥 The summary

"If we are now in the calm before the storm, what will we do to fly in the storm? Because no one wants to fall down." czytaj wi臋cej

17-10-2019 | Kacper Kwiatkowski

Why today is Omnichannel banking the #musthave?

Only 13% of all banks are truly executing the omnichannel strategy! This is the result of the Celent study. Why are you probably still among the remaining 87%? czytaj wi臋cej

18-09-2019 | Tomasz Ampu艂a

How to increase conversion from abandoned applications? 4 Quick Wins

You are able to recover 22% of your clients who abandoned online applications! Check out our 4 Quick Wins and find out how to do it. czytaj wi臋cej

05-09-2019 | Tomasz Ampu艂a

CX measurement in banking and marketing - what is the difference?

The analysis of e-banking applications should provide full details of the customer's behaviour when filling in the forms. In this post we explain what the best banks should measure in... czytaj wi臋cej

26-08-2019 | Kacper Kwiatkowski

A proven recipe for improving Customer Experience in a bank

Fantastic chat-bots, incredible artificial intelligence, engaging gamification... Capgemini emphasizes that they do not improve the Customer Experience of bank customers. So what will work? czytaj wi臋cej

14-08-2019 | Maciej Ulaszewski

Ultra-modern banks in Poland and their impact on the global banking market

Until 30 years ago, the Polish banking sector was backward. Today, according to Deloitte, it is one of the most digitally mature sectors. And all thanks to communism. czytaj wi臋cej

06-08-2019 | Kacper Kwiatkowski

Customer Journey for a foreigner

On the Polish example we show how a foreigner can be satisfied with bank services, despite the existing language barriers. czytaj wi臋cej

22-07-2019 | Tomasz Ampu艂a

How can we measure the effectiveness of electronic applications?

What types of applications you share, on what devices and in which channels? What is your average conversion rate from application forms? czytaj wi臋cej

16-10-2017 | Tomasz Framski

BZ WBK gains an effective tool for customer feedback review

Effective business decisions derive from reliable feedback from customers. Bank Zachodni WBK (Santander Group) has been provided with a convenient and straightforward tool for collecting feedback. czytaj wi臋cej

02-10-2017 | Tomasz Framski

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